How to Find a Job in Data Analytics

47 ratings
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How to Find a Job in Data Analytics

47 ratings

One day, I decided I wanted to land a job in DATA.

The problem was that I had no idea how to PIVOT my career.

Job descriptions were confusing. 

I was completely lost.

One day, I got sick of doing it all alone.

I reached out to hundreds of data EXPERTS on LinkedIn.

I asked them every QUESTION I had:

  • How can I land a JOB like you?
  • How do I approach my RESUME?
  • How do I approach INTERVIEWS?
  • Which online COURSES?
  • Which PROJECTS?

These people TRANSFORMED my career.

I couldn’t BELIEVE their amazing responses.

Before long, I landed my DREAM job.

NETWORKING is so powerful.

Honestly, it's a cheat-code for your career.

But, most people don't have the TIME.

The GOOD news is that I've already done ALL the work for you.

I’ve interviewed 50+ data EXPERTS.

DATA analysts, data scientists and data engineers from all over the world.

They revealed the SECRETS behind their amazing careers.

I've summarised all their advice into BITESIZED interviews.

So, you can LEARN from them in 2-3 MINUTES.

This e-book is PACKED with actionable ADVICE.

What's inside the book?

✔️ Short interviews with 50+ data EXPERTS

✔️ A free BONUS GUIDE explaining the jobs market

✔️ A data glossary (PERFECT for beginners)


Within 30 minutes, you'll know:

✔️ How to LAND a job

✔️ How to fix your RESUME

✔️ How to land a job PROMOTION

✔️ Which data job is right for YOU

✔️ How to perform better in INTERVIEWS

✔️ Which TOOLS are best (SQL, Python etc)

✔️ How to do the right data PROJECTS to land a job

You're NOT alone.

Now, you have 50+ INCREDIBLE data experts as YOUR mentors.

Their advice will TRANSFORM your career.

It's so INSPIRING too!

Is there a more FUN way to land your DREAM JOB?!

Grab a copy TODAY!

Here's how people feel after reading it:

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I want this!
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50 data experts REVEAL the secrets to their career success. TRANSFORM your career in the SIMPLEST way!

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